Sunday, February 1, 2009

just an update...

so it is the half time of the super bowl and I am bored so I am going to write on here...

So tomorrow is my first day of my internship. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I cannot wait to see what I will be getting into. I am hoping that I learn a lot about event planning so that I can find a job afterwards.

I live in Butler now. It's so weird to be living at home again. It's nice because i do not have to worry about buying food and i do not have to drive a far distance to get to work. The only bad thing about living at home is being away from all my friends at school and also Matt. I only get to see him every once in a while if he goes home for the weekend or if I have a free weekend then I will try to go see him. I also do not get to see my two dogs tempo and Miles. I hate not getting to see them and sleep with them every night. The good thing is that I do get to see my two cats at home (Middy and Smokey). Smokey sleeps with me which I love because she is my little baby. She is so funny she loves my pink rubber bracelets. She grabs them and hides them and also plays with them it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Another good thing about living in Butler is that I get to see my 2 best friends. I love it because my one best friend Meghan is getting married in August so I am trying to spend as much time with her. I also love spending time with Lauren also and my second mom. I really think I spend more time at the Wagner household then my own. We will see how much time i spend with them after i start working.

Well i guess i'm done for now.. the super bowl is coming back on so i guess i will go back and watch.

lots of love!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I just got an awesome internship :)

So I have been looking for an internship this semester in anything with event planning. i e-mailed so many places and I actually had a company reply. The awesome thing about it is that it is my dream wedding venue. It is in Butler so i can either live at home and work or i can live in Indiana and commute. if i live in butler it is only about 10 min drive.If i live in Indiana then it is a little over an hour to commute but i would be living with Matt and the dogs which would be so hard for me not to be near them. Anyways the place where i am going to do my internship at is called the Atrium. it use to be a nursery but about 5 years ago they decided to shut down the shop and turn it into an event center. it is a beautiful glass building that has 3 big rooms. the biggest room is where they seat up to 280 people for an event.  the second room right next to it is the room for the bar and appetizers. the last room is where you can have the ceremony if you want or you can make it into a room of your choice like for pictures or something. they have a lovely back yard where there is a gazebo, a little bridge to pose on and many more things. they do everything for the event from the place settings to the bartending. they have the food, centerpieces,music, and photography. it is a one stop spot for a wedding or event. I totally love this place. it is the place where i want to have my reception at when i get married. 

I will be starting my internship around February and go to a little after may. i will also be helping out in December with some of the events also. I can not wait till i start. They even asked me what i wanted to do after i graduate and after my internship is done. I told them that i wanted to find a full time job being an event planner. After i told them my plans they told me that the Event Director is retiring by the end of the year and that they will be hiring for that position. they do not know if they are going to hire from within or bring in someone new. The person i interviewed with made it sound like she wanted to hire someone new. so if i do really well then i might be up for the job. So i am excited to show them what i have to offer. I met some of the employees and they all seemed very nice. so i guess i will see what happens. till then i just have to focus on passing my last few classes that i have to take. French is kind of kicking my butt right now. but i am hoping to fix that problem soon ( my french prof. is probably the worse professor i have ever had. so i am trying to deal with her). 

I'll keep everyone posted... 

OH and here is the site for the Atrium :)

love always,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

tubing :)

So yesterday I went to my roommates house ad we went tubing down the Allegheny river. Well first we went and jumped off a bridge. I was the only one that did not jump due to me being deathly afraid of heights. Yeah i was a chicken but its cool i was fine with just taking pictures. I had so much fun tubing. We brought a raft and put a cooler in it with some beer and soda. it was so much fun because we just screamed to the person in the raft that we needed a beer and he would throw it to us. Just a little FYI for everyone. if you are in a lake, river, any sort of water and you spill the beer over board don't worry about loosing it because they float :) Well at least Natural light and Labatte. But yeah that's what i did yesterday. Well i also hung out with my best friends and their nephew Aiden. it is crazy that he is 5 years old now and he is all boy. i had to play transformers for an hour. it still makes me laugh that he calls me Heather Feather. He has called me that since he was about 2 1/2ish. I'll probably put up pictures soon so everyone can see my little buddy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

some pictures :)

this is a picture of Matt's dog Tempo ( my step son lol) and Miles in the background (the dog we share)
This is a normal picture for Matt and I. We are very goofy and always make each other laugh. A normal picture consists of matt doing a funny face and i am smiling and we do that for around 3 pictures and then i do a funny face and then after we both make funny faces i usually tell him ok now a real picture. but I love the funny ones the best :) 
My baby Miles. He can be a handle sometimes but he is mamma's baby boy.
This is a picture of my two best friends and I. I have been friends with them for 12 years now :) The one in the dark blue is Meghan and the one in the light blue is Lauren. I don't know what i would do without them in my life.

my first blog... oh my...

so this is my first blog. I have so many things going on in my life right now. Today was a very hard day for me. Matt (my boyfriend) had a court hearing today to see if him and his father was going to be charged for endangering his best friend. A little history.... on November 4,2007 there was a house fire in the house that Matt owned. our friend was in the fire and got badly burned (she is doing well). The stupid borough is filing criminal charges against Matt and his dad. So today he had the preliminary hearing that lasted about 2 hours long. Myself and all the friends of Matt went to support him and his dad. The hearing went ok. they are preceding to another hearing which we knew was going to happen but they dropped one of the charges which was good. it was so hard to be there in the room being helpless because i heard the police saying what they knew and i was getting upset because i knew more of the truth then they did. i held back some tears as well. I don't know how i am going to handle the actual court hearing to see if him and his dad will be convicted and possible sent to jail for nothing that they did wrong. No matter what happens I will always be there for Matt and his family. I mean i love him with all my heart and soul. I would do anything for him. All i can do is just be there for him and his family and pray that it goes well for him. For now it is just a waiting game. Matt said that they will probably have the hearing sometime during this coming semester. Blah. why does life have to suck sometimes.